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Search in System MMTS
1.1. Search

Block " search " is intended for search in the given word of the information in System MMTS. The reference " the Expanded search " opens the form, allowing to specify attributes of search. The user can find the necessary records on various conditions, such, as search of words and word collocations, search of words in various grammatic forms, and also means of search of the records similar to a given fragment of the text. At work with search system the user can search for the information in view of all grammatic features of Russian. The search system automatically correctly will take into account various forms of words, will exclude from processing various shumovye words, such, as pretexts or particles.

The form contains a number(line) of the tags determining sections IN in which it will be prospected.

1.1.1. Forms of search

For search it is necessary to type(collect) one or several key words and to choose the most suitable type of search:
· in view of all specified words;
· in view of any of the specified words;
· is exact under the text;
· with language of inquiries;
· with inquiry in the free form.

For first three variants it is possible to specify search in view of morphology.

Search in view of all specified words. At use of the given type of search, it is prospected the texts necessarily containing all words, specified in conditions of search. Such variant approaches in the event that the user well enough imagines a subject domain of search, searches for a mention of concrete events, persons, the phenomena etc.

Search in view of any of the specified words. If it is necessary to lead(carry out) search in several different criteria and to receive documents where one of specified in conditions of inquiry of key words contains even, it is necessary to use search in view of any of the specified words. Such search can be useful, when the exact information on a subject is absent or it is necessary to receive comparison of the data from different sources etc.

Search is exact under the text. This type search is convenient for those who precisely knows, that wants to find. At his(its) use sample of the information is made, is exact (including a word order, grammatic forms, punctuation marks) appropriate to conditions of inquiry.

Rice 4.1.1 the Expanded search

Search with language of inquiries. It is intended for construction of complex(difficult) inquiries with several parameters and logic operators. Under condition of correct construction of the inquiry, the given variant of search is the most exact. However, it is necessary to take into account, that for effective work with language of inquiries it is required to make expressions for search with use of special commands(teams).

Search with inquiry in the free form. Inquiries successfully formulated by means of key words allow to find the information precisely appropriate to wishes. However frequently formation of correct criteria of search takes away a lot of time and forces. Then to the aid there comes search with inquiry in the free form. Use of the given variant of search allows to overcome artificial restrictions of formal language: as inquiry any phrase or the offer which are represented similar to interesting information approaches.

At processing such inquiry the system of search automatically will allocate all words and word collocations, will construct inquiry under these terms and will lead(carry out) search. As a result of inquiry the given phrases will be unessentially found: words can be in other forms, and any parts of inquiry can be absent.

Search in view of morphology. Frequently it happens it is necessary to construct inquiry in which the given key words contain in any grammatic forms. At use of the given option with any kind of search in key words, selection of the information is accompanied by the linguistic analysis of conditions of the search, allowing to do(make) inquiries in view of word-formation in Russian. Besides selection of words - synonyms that considerably allows to expand area of search for each of the key words used in inquiry in this case is made.

1.1.2. Syntax of language of inquiries

At use of search with language of inquiries competently it is necessary to be able to make formal inquiries in the language perceived by system of search. Allowing to create both primitive (and / ili/ne), and complex(difficult) inquiries (in view of distance between words), language of inquiries assumes formal representation of criteria of the search connected by among themselves certain logic associations, named operators. Correctly made sequence of key words and operators - a guarantee of understanding of inquiry system.

At drawing up of inquiry with use of operators the correct use of brackets is extremely important. Brackets serve for association of several key words and operators for work with the part of inquiry allocated with brackets as with a single whole. For example, the inquiry trade OR (VAT AND " the tax from sales ") will find all documents containing or trade, or together the VAT and the tax from sales.

1.1.3. Operators of language of inquiries

The following table lists(transfers) all possible(probable) logic operators, and also contains examples of real inquiries.

The operator the Description the Example of application
AND Unites worth at the left Luzhkov AND
And to the right of operator Zjuganov
Conditions of search Putin
By a principle And

AND Unites worth at the left Petroleum OR JUkos
OR and to the right of the operator of condition OR " Norilsk
Search in a principle OR Nickel "

NOT Specifies, that Taxes AND NOT worth on the right
From the operator of a condition of search Inspection
Should not
To correspond(meet) to inquiry

NEAR (or ~) Specifies, that worth rate NEAR
At the left and to the right of the operator of dollar
Conditions of search should (a rate ~ dollar)
To meet in inquiry
In immediate proximity
(the word order is not important)

FORMSOF Specifies, that Duma AND is required
( INFLECTIONAL to use in inquiry all FORMSOF
Key word) grammatic forms (INFLECTIONAL,
Worth parameter the law)
Key word
1.1.4. Examples of inquiries

In this section correctly made inquiries for each variant of search are resulted.
§ Search in view of all specified words
1. the tax the law of the VAT
2. metal a wire of ferro-concretes
3. the Internet a telephony
§ Search in view of any of the specified words
1. Ajatskov Primakov Luzhkov
2. an exhibition presentation a seminar
3. a fish seafoods caviar
§ Search is exact under the text
1. electronic commerce
2. the presidential decree
3. the tax from sales
§ Search with language of inquiries
1. beef OR (meat AND NOT (pork))
2. FORMSOF (INFLECTIONAL, the automobile) AND (Ford OR Mitsubishi)
3. (Putin ~ Kirienko) OR (the president ~ business)
§ Search of inquiry in the free form
1. how to pay taxes for 1999
2. development the Internet in Russia
3. that such marketing

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